A haven from the storm. A quiet space to kick back after a full day of production. Sip a whisky by the fire and rest up at the lodge before doing it all over again tomorrow. Your location is our home.

Kitchen 001. 

Real Casting: Owner Jenny and Baby Rose

Real Casting: Owner Jenny and Baby Rose

Owners gerry and Lisa are ..... and have a baby....


Kitchen 002.


Owners HIlly and husband are resident in Australia.


Kitchen 003.

Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 18.30.12.png

Adelle & Husband have been living in the UK for approximately 5 years (originally from Australia) and taking this time to explore UK & Europe, and in particular all that London has to offer. They say London is the best city in the world!


Kitchen 005.


Mother Stephanie and baby Zola (8 months)

Meet the little one

Meet the little one


Kitchen 006.







  • 5 Luxury double bedrooms
  • Wifi
  • Catering


  • 3 x Edit Suite
  • 1 x Dolby Sound Suite


  • As one of the locations given in the style reference images,  the look it ideal. 
  • -Access to this barge means you get just what you were looking for.  


  • This is a rental property and the owners don't actually live there. 
  • Secondly


  • The slick black kitchen is chic and small.
  • The couple who live there have cool style and are photogenic and very up for the shoot. 


  • The owners work during the day  


  • Mother and baby happy to be on camera.
  • Daddy waiting in the wings who used to work in advertising for years, so they know how it works and are very happy to cooperate in any way. This family are open to having their kitchen styled and changed to any level required as long as the design is shared with them 


  • - The style of the kitchen is not aspirational in it's current state and will take some work to transform into the desired look. We suggest the designer pay a visit to recce the scope for change, so that we can compare this against the cost and access to all other mother/baby location options.  

Benefits - You need the perfect face. Or fingers. Or eyes. Or toes? We can scout the look and voice you need for your campaign. We bring you the goodies, you choose the chocolate. 

Drawbacks - The main problem is that these guys 


Design - This kitchen is......                                                        Style - This  

Colours - This Colours

The Owners - Jake and Sally live in this Kitchen

Location - You need a tip off from a local. We can draw on years of experience to advise you of the best way to go about your shoot in Scotland. 

Access - You

Travel Options - You

Our brief: