Services we offer


This is how we do

Advice - You need a tip off from a local. We can draw on years of experience to advise you of the best way to go about your shoot in Scotland.

Research - You need to know the facts to help you have a better shoot in Scotland. We can find out what you need to know with our local knowledge and experience.

Budgeting - You need help to plan your spend in Scotland. We know how to save you money in the right ways based on your vision.  

Production Coordination - You need the planning and coordination taken care of. Let us make your life easy!

Crew Hire - You need an agent based in Scotland to handle the hire and payment of crew for your shoot. We know all the best people to fit the style of your project. 


1. Enquiry - Your first call or email is logged and replied to within 24 hours. Our mum makes sure of that!

2. Consultation  - We will have a good chat about the vision you want to achieve. We'll ask loads of questions, even difficult ones. This is us making sure we know the score. 

3. Budget & Proposal - Based on the information we tortured out of you, we will create a budget for your project around the aspects you have asked us to deliver. Now you can think about things with clarity. 

5. Confirmation - You feel totally confident that we get your idea and that we are the right people to pull it off. We send you a contract for the agreed job and budget. If you like those apples, then you sign and pay an agreed % of the total budget.  

Casting - You need the perfect face. Or fingers. Or eyes. Or toes? We can scout the look and voice you need for your campaign. We bring you the goodies, you choose the chocolate. 

Equipment Hire - You need gear. We got it at the best quality and right price for your project.

Animals - You need a gorgeous animal. We have access to the best animal handlers in the country, to bring you those perfectly trained paws.

VIP Hosting - You have guests. Or maybe you just like the finer things in life. We cater to every need. 

Travel - you need to move it. We have luxury and basic travel option to suit your project. One man band? We have driver/guides/scouts

Tours - All work and no play makes no sense at all!? You're here in Scotland anyway, so let us create your personalised tour to the best spots in the country. You sure can't go home without a little cashmere and a bottle of something special...

6. Prep & Production - We prep and produce the job in full collaboration with you.  You're part of the Clan now after all! Our mission is to give you exactly what you want, exactly the way you want it.

7. Delivery - Your project is has turned our exactly as you alway imagined, maybe even better!? Your clients think you are the boss and your boyfriend

8. Evaluation - We check and review our work. We look at what was great and what we would change next time. We have a team talk (with a curry usually) to crunch down on how to tighten our game. We think it's important to never stop thinking like a grasshopper. 

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