Known for our mad parties and film set frolics, we've been doing this work for over 30 years. Nobody is there for you quite like family and that's how we want it to feel when you work with our clan.  We treat all our clients and collages with the respect and kindness any clan member deserves. Ya know, just because you're making fancy pictures and stuff, doesn't mean you can't be nice too. We deliver the job every time, because we truly care about what we do.....and because Mum would skelp our arses if we didn't! We're proud of what we do, so that you can be too. Welcome to the Clan.

#TBT Our wee Clan

#TBT Our wee Clan


Daisy Costello, MD / Producer / PM

Big sis. Loves a wild idea with a big dollop of reality on the side. 

TEAM PHOTO - Cheryl.png

Cheryl Strong, Head of Events

The mother of all event organisers. No, literally she's our mum! Ms Perfectionist Chezza manages the RTS Scotland Awards and other such parties with fun and flair. As our budget queen, excel would probably be her weapon of choice upon the zombie invasion. 


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TEAM PHOTO - Fergus.png

Perry Costello, Senior Technical Supervisor

The theatrical one. Teller of the worst ever dad jokes. Known for bright ideas and a weaponry collection to rival the vikings...well, if vikings had got hold of gunpowder. Has had 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' off by heart since high school.


Fergus Costello, Technical Supervisor

 Our middle bro and the biggest sweetheart we know. Ferg is intuitive on set and a dab hand at SFX. If he was any more laid back, he's be a cucumber. 


Max Costello, Warehouse Manager

The baby. Always somehow taller than the last time we saw him. Max supports the smooth running of our clan machine with the neat management of our warehouse supplies.